Tamales in Los Amates!

Hola amigos! In Los Amates we made  TAMALES  by our 3 wonderful Mexican ladies: Susana Tovar, Lupita Rogel and Maria del Roble Castaneda, it is a wonderful experience watching them doing Tamales, from the first step of making the Pork broth to making the MASA PARA TAMALES, which is Susana’s job, then Lupita making the “Guisados” or “fillings” to put in each Tamal; this week they’ve “VERDES” which has Pork with Salsa verde; also “DE MOLE” which has Chicken with or now famous “Mole” sauce, also “DE RAJAS CON QUESO’ which has cooked strips of Poblano Chiles and Cheese. They are made individualy wrapped in banana leafs, normaly we would use Corn leafs but the ones from Australian corn are very thin, the Corn husks from Mexico are very wide and therefore easier to use. by the way, when you are refering to Tamales individualy, you call it TAMAL only, in the USA they say tamale, WRONG!! if you ask for one only say TAMAL and we will know what you mean. ok amigos we hope to see you soon!

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